Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Finally posting Christie's 
Eye of God.
Beautiful Quilt!!!
I'm not going to narrate, the pics speak for themselves:

I've been reading The Supper Club Mystery Series by J.B. Stanley on my Kindle.  
(I borrow them from the library.
Very cool that you can do that now.)
The series is pretty fun and there is a ton of good recipes.
The one I'm reading now, "The Battered Body" Has some great cakes recipes like, eggnog cake which sounds wickedly good.

Also have been listening while, quilting of course, to "Red Mist" by Patricia Cornwell (I'm in the middle of that one)
Also listened to the Hunger Games by Collins and I liked it, (didn't think I would) and I'm waiting for the second in the series to download to my Walkman (also from the library)
My sister told me that this series is required reading in the high schools in Virginia.

Better go baste a quilt, but groceries get ready for guild meeting etc!!!

Happy quilting


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  2. I like how the peacock eye motif goes along with the name of the quilt.


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