Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flowers and Birdies

Just finished this cute little baby quilt for Diane:

It was hard to get the quilting to show up but I finally took it outside on this glorious spring day and the sunshine did the trick.
Simple flowers in every square and wavy lines on the seams is the design.

I teach this flower in my Intro to Freemotion Quilting Class and always tell my students that by the time they finish quilting even a small quilt, they will have command of the flower and the wavy lines will have the look of giant ric-rac.

Wavy lines are really easier to quilt then the old
 "stitch in the ditch"
so If you've been waiting to start quilting for some reason, (that's not even a good one) just go ahead and start with this pattern, or a wavy line.
It really is fun!!

Happy quilting!

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