Monday, April 25, 2011

Finished all the feathers

I just finished this queen sized scrappy star quilt for Nancy.
It cried out for feathers soooooo all the big empty spaces have big feather wreaths.
(you can see the quilting better if you click on the pic.)

I don't have a place to spread out the whole quilt so I can only show you a small part, but you get the idea.

The quilt is 84 x 100 before quilting.

I hope you all had a great Easter.
We had an Easter rainstorm all day which was probably    disappointing to many youngsters and families looking to have outdoor activities, but after the drought we have been in for the last several months, I look at it as an Easter miracle.

Happy quilting!

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  1. Hey Mary Ann, Mary Lyn here!
    Beeeee uuuuuu teeeee fulll as always. My surgery went sooooo well yesterday, had a great rest of the day, good night last night and awoke this morning feeling positively marvelous!!!! On a pain scale of 1 to 10 mine was something like 1/2,and that only in left toe! I was tempted to peek under the bandage on the right to see if perhaps doc. may have forgotten to do it! Have a great day, will holler at ya later. The latest quilt really is stunning. I'm going to start to work on the feathers when I get back on my feet.


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