Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Beach Quilt

I finished the first quilt of my basting blitz.
This is actually a different quilt than the one I just finished,
because I forgot to photograph the new one which was only slightly different.

When I got all done I turned the quilt over and couldn't believe my eyes...
I had placed the directional fabric sideways to the top fabric!!
That's the first time I have ever done this in all the years of quilting.
I measured the quilt and realized it was square so it could be used either way up and never be noticed.
Sooooo, I took it to Trish and said,
"Well, I did a really bonehead thing on this quilt, see if you can find it."
She looked and looked all over the front.  Absolutely loving everything she saw.
Finally I told her to look at the back and she said what happened did you get a big pleat?  And as she turned the quilt over she just burst out laughing and said:
"Oh well, It's just a give away and they're always waded up when they're in use."

I need to make sure I look at the backing fabric with my reading glasses on before I baste a quilt. ;-)

Happy quilting

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  1. I did the very same thing a couple of months ago. Sewed the backing on upside down.


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