Friday, March 18, 2011

Still quilting

Still quilting my butt bigger on this sea of a quilt!
I'm almost done but I ran out of white thread and can't get anymore for 45 minutes so I'm finally taking the time to post.

I've had a busy week.
Taught Intro to Free Motion Quilting on Monday and had 4 students.
2 Students with brand new sewing machines they were not familiar with and 2 students with very old machines that had issues.
Needless to say it was a challenging class but we finally got started and I have to say that all the students did quite well.
I think there are 4 new budding quilters unleashed on the world.
I love being able to get people started at free motion.

Tuesday I went to Sew 'n Go and there were only 2 of us there.
I guess with spring break everybody was off doing stuff.
I got 2 more quilts basted.
Irma basted a small wall hanging and then we basted 4 charity quilts.
I also cut more fabrics for my brother's Oklahoma Dugout.

Tomorrow I go to my Laughing Quilters group which has merged for the time being with another group, the Crafters of Wickline Methodist, or COWs. So we will be the Laughing COWs  
I will be cutting and organizing more blocks the OK Dugout quilt.
I have 25 blocks made

Happy quilting

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