Friday, June 10, 2011

Is this a UFO yet?

This morning I was reminded of a couple of things:
What wonderful friends I have 
my collection of dog fabric.
Here it is all 56 fat quarters and 13 pieces of yardage

The next pic shows the newest addition to the collection.
You see, yesterday started the 
Road to Oklahoma Shop Hop.
I used to go, but have been known to get sick and slow down the group, so now I stay home.

Years ago I decided I would make a "dog" cabin quilt with dog fabric and my friends started bringing me dog fabric.
Sew this morning when one of them came to swim, she  brought me the new ones. 
Do you think I have enough to make one yet? :)
And would you call it a UFO already?

So many quilts, so little time.

I bought a jelly roll and layer cake this week of Moda's new Christmas fabric Natures gift to make a comfort quilt for a friend.
I'll do a jellyroll race with a narrow red border then a chunky outer border of half layer cake pieces sewn end to end.  
Should be able to sew it up and quilt it in a few days.

Happy quilting


  1. Pfft! It's just stash! Or at least that's what I tell myself about all my not-yet-started quilts.

    However: That's a lot of Dog Fabric! At this point you can probably make at least 2 "dog" cabins with that - maybe one for you and one for Dusty :-)

  2. Woof Woof now that's a lot of doggie stuff.


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