Monday, June 27, 2011


 I had a bit of a surprise last night!
Loraine, the maker of this quilt, that I had quilted last summer, called to tell me I had a 2nd place ribbon
for quilting at the
Central Oklahoma Quilt Guild Quilt Show
held this week end.
I said, "You mean I got a real ribbon?  One that I can actually have?"
She said, "Yes, there is a ribbon for me and the quilter."
I was shocked!!
Never before in the 10 years I've been doing this have I seen this done.
Are we just backwards, rude, ridiculous, totally uncaring the to person who actually turned the piece of cloth into an actual quilt to acknowledge the quilter  until now, or has this always been a trend not to award the quilter with a ribbon.
(Sorry a little pet peeve of mine.)

I should be getting the ribbon in the mail in a couple of days.
Last summer, I had some quilts I had quilted
receive blue ribbons, but I never got a ribbon.
I have always told my clients to please let my know
it they ever enter in a show and get recognition to let me know,  get me copies of judging sheets programs etc, so I can keep tract.
But this is my first actual hold in my hand, put on the wall  ribbon. 

What happen where you live, quilters?

Happy quilting!



  1. Congrat-U-lations!! You should put a picture of the quilt, some pieces of the fabrics used, a wee bit of info about the quilt... and the blue a shadow box! How wonderful for you to be able to share your blessing...even with posterity. =)


  2. Now that's a Ya hoo moments if I've ever heard of one. Congrats!


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