Thursday, July 7, 2011

Completed Tequila Sunset

Here is the completed
Tequila Sunset!

It is a beautiful quilt and I had a great
fear of quilting it because of the immense beauty!
I hope I did it justice.
When Trish saw it, she was pleased so I did okay.
(Whew,  big sigh!)

This is a horizontal pic of the back, so turn your head sideways.
(I didn't flip it sideways because it always seem to make it small and skinny.)

Boy it was a hot one here today!!
We had to run a couple of errands this afternoon that just couldn't be put off and when we returned our thermometer said 111 degree F.
That's just too ding dang hot.
The official temp at the airport (in the shade over grass) was 108.  
I live in the sun next to a parking lot.
And the pool was closed!!!
Someone pulled off a loose tile and brick and they had to close the pool to repair it.

Happy quilting!

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