Monday, July 18, 2011

It's looking More Like a Quilt

I must say that it's looking more like a quilt!

I started collecting fabrics for this quilt about 3 years ago, cut it out in April 2010 and My brother's 60th birthday is Aug 30th.
I'm getting down to the wire and still have 3 borders one of which is pieced.
But, man that Daiwbo fabric really made a beautiful 
Oklahoma Dugout, if  I do say so myself!!

Have to put it away for a bit to do some quilting and pay some bills but, I think I'm on a roll here.

Happy quilting!


  1. Your quilt is wonderful! Love it.

  2. You are most definitely on a roll, Girlfriend! I do love me some Daiwabo. See ya tomorrow????

  3. Wow, love love love the colors!!


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