Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween wall hanging

Here's a cute little Halloween wall hanging
I quilted yesterday for Robin's mother.

I've been thinking about what to do on it for a little while because when I basted it, besides, the pumpkins, all I could see was the spiderwebs.
I'm not crazy about quilting spiderwebs, especially ones that small!

When I got to the center of the quilt to start I was delighted to see the dark black lines demanding to be quilted with curly-cues which are one of my faves!!

I was also happy to find the saw tooth triangles I could quilt over on the inner border.  It says ''Happy Halloween" in letters too small to outline.  then the outer border, has figures that are small and detailed inside big circles, so I just outlined the big circles and that was enough quilting.

And or course the ever popular back:

Last week I quilted a very beautiful black and beige quilt and then forgot to photograph it.
I'm kicking myself because it is really, really pretty.
I called the gal yesterday and she is supposed to send me photos.
I hope to get them soon.

My next quilt is an embellished quilt for Margaret.
I'm getting ready to baste it.
I looked at it a little bit ago and saw that some of the blocks have decorative stitching in the background as cross hatching.
I wonder what I'm supposed to do to quilt that? Hmmm?

Happy quilting!


  1. Thank you for the beautiful work and pictures. Robin has not mailed me the actually quilt yet so this really whets my appetite for the real thing. I admit I am quite at a loss when I read the statement "quilt as desired" so I love hearing your creative thinking regarding what to quilt. I am excited with your decision of curlicues. I love curlicues.. they are even on the wallpaper in my kitchen! And I thoroughly agree with the decision to not bring out the spider web theme- I am not a fan of "creepy". This Jason Yenter fabric was a departure from my normal bright jewel-tone fabric tendencies so I bought this kit to stretch me... and 'cause I loved the curlicues. - Robin's Mom


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