Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I feel fantastic!!

Hey, Energizer Bunny Here!
I have to say that I haven't felt this good in a 
lonnnggggg time!!!!!!!!

Those of you that know me and that have been reading my blog for awhile, know that I have a chronic neuro muscular illness called
Myasthenia Gravis!
I don't like to belly ache about  feeling bad day after day, because I don't think that is why you guys read my blog.
But the way I feel today makes me realize how bad I've been feeling for several months!!!

I want to talk about the disease a little here because anybody can get it at any time!
That is really scary!
I got it at age 43 and I'm now 59.
At the time I was a blues singer on the verge of who knows ....
Totally life changing.
Please read about it here

Now on the the good stuff!

 Yesterday I basted and quilted this beautiful table runner for Debbie. I'll see her tonight at guild.  I hadn't done flowers for awhile and had forgotten how much I enjoy doing them!  (I also got halfway through quilting a different quilt which I will show in another post...energizer...
Here's a great baby quilt I started for Melissa
this morning.
It's made from a Moda Strawberry Fields charm pack.

Here's a closeup of the flower quilting:

And also the back:

Here is the next quilt project I am embarking on:

A daiwabo wedding quilt for my niece Jessica.
I'll post a picture of the design for the future quilt in a later post, I think this post is long enough.

Energizer bunny is going back to the sewing machine.

Happy quilting

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