Friday, November 4, 2011

My very first selvage projects!

I save the "doodle" cloths that I use to make sure my tension is correct for each quilt I quilt; and also to practice the design I'm getting ready to put on the quilt.
I do a lot of quilts over the year, so that's a lot of  "doodle cloths".
I turn these into zipper bags for Christmas presents.
I wanted to spruce them up, because the same people get them year after year, so I decided to start saving selvages to embellish them.  Here is my first attempt:

As I started saving the selvages it seems like every one around me got in on the project.  The LQS, Quilters Corner put a jar out on the table in the classroom labeled
"Selvages for Mary Ann".   My friends at all my sewing activities (who will most likely be the recipient of some of these zipper bags) bring me ziploc baggies full of selvages every time we meet.  Then, I go home with the selvages that are cut at
the activity that particular day.  So they have added up pretty fast!  I really like the way they spruced up the looks of the little bags.

For these bags I just sewed the 2 1/2" pieces directly on to the quilted "doodle cloths"
Then I overcast the edges with a decorative stitch.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Very cute and a good way to put your doodle cloths to work. I like the selvages.

  2. These selvage themed little doodle bags are a wonderful personal touch gift! I love selvages and save them but have used very few so far. I'm just waiting to dream up the 'just right' project for me. So your little bags are inspiring.

  3. Wow! These are just adorable and look like precious little seed packets. I am also quite pleased and amused to recognized the nuts and bolts fabric and realize that a project you worked on for me lives on in another life. How cool is that! I am very impressed with your creativity. The fact that you have repurposed something that would otherwise be discarded, selvages and doodle cloths both, is a bonus. Seems like the most expensive component is the zippers. I bet you got them from discarded articles of clothing, etc. too! At least some of them... am I right?- Robin's mom.


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