Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Brother's Chocolate Quilt

Here it is almost finished.
I ran out of thread with one end of the last border to go!
Oh well.  I've squared up what I can and will get the binding on what is finished as well as the label while I'm waiting for Quilters Corner to get more 
Star Brookstones thread in.

Here's a close up of the all over quilting I did in the center of the blocks.
I like doing swirly quilting so I just built an all over swirly curly-cue type design.
(Remember to click on pics to see the quilting)

Here is a close up of the center with  the three borders.
Notice that I continued the curly-cues all the way through the borders.

Here you can see how I turned the corners.

Another look at the borders:

And now for the ever popular back where you can really see the quilting.
Oh, did I say I do all this without marking?
(Yes, it take lots of practice, but if you want to quilt you have to spend lots of time quilting.  But your reward is that is gets better every time you quilt!)

The corner again.

More borders.
Don't ya love those curly-cues?

And here is the middle all over design.
It's really relaxing when you figure out your path.

Happy quilting!


  1. Mary Ann-
    Your brother is going to love this quilt! I think your swirls and feathers are wonderful.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment for me. Tag introduces me to the nicest people! ;-)

    Best Wishes,

  2. Wow! That is stunning - your curly-cues over the block are relaxing even just to look at! they remind me of the old Asian depictions of the wind and sea, as though serenity is just blowing all over your brother's quilt.

    I also love the design you placed over the diamond border - on the back it looks simple and pretty straightforward, but on the front it takes on a whole new effect. There it reminds me of seashells, very carefully arranged. It's neat to see how it and all the other borders stack up together, too.

    Overall, this is a gorgeous job! I hope your replacement thread comes soon!

  3. It is awesome! I love it. Your FMQ is gorgeous. I love how the blue sparkles. Does your brother know about this quilt or will it be a wonderful surprise?

  4. Actually my brother has been in on it since I completed the fabric acquisition. That's when it became the "Chocolate Quilt". He actually gasped when he saw the fabric and said, "You're making me a chocolate quilt!"

  5. I love the treatment you gave the diamond border. The double scrolls in the wide border are very feathery feeling and I like them a lot, too. Naming this quilt the chocolate quilt makes it even more luscious.


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