Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sooner baby quilt

Anita from my guild called this week with a 
baby quilt emergency.
She has to have this quilt finished by Saturday and it seems that following the lines she's marked on her quilt turned out to be harder than she thought.

"No Problem", I said.  "Won't take long at all."
Famous last words.

Its turns out she used fusible pellon to stabilize the T shirts and I had trouble with the thread breaking.
I tried several different needles and finally decided I needed a topstitch needle and a different thread.
I had completed the "OU" on the left and 2 wheels and a couple of boards of the Sooner Schooner.
I was using a varigated red (Star - Bowl of Cherries) and thought if I changed to White Signature, (which is a little finer and less prone to breakage I'd be better off.
The problem was the heaviness of fusible interfacing causing too much drag as the thread went through the layers.

The switch worked perfectly except, I needed to slow down the speed by about half.
Still I completed all the quilting fairly quickly minus the "OU" and Sooner Schooner which were still stitched in the other thread.

Gee, it only took about 4 hour to take out that bit of stitching!!  Had to us a magnifying glass and even bought a stronger pair of reading glasses to see those little monsters to get them out.

Happy unquilting!

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  1. wow...your quilting on it was really nice...glad you figured out the problem but is so frustrating when in that situation.


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