Monday, August 1, 2011

Wantobe a Quilter Campaign Starts TODAY!!!

OMG!  I just returned from reading the post at 
It's here and it's incredible.
I'm talking about the Wantobe Quilters Campaign.

Go on over to the
leave a comment to enter for today's drawing if you are a Wantobe quilter.
Be a follower here,
send me an email
with name, address, phone, and email so I can register you with Madame Samm
then be a follower at the Stash
and leave a comment (mentioning my Name, so I can win a prize too,)
 on Mon, Wed, Fri for the next 12 weeks 
and win!!!
Today's prize is cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter.

Tues and Thurs is for established quilters and the same rules apply about registering with a blogger with a wantobe button.
So those of you who already follow my blog are halfway there to being ready to win.

Happy winning and quilting.

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