Monday, August 8, 2011

The Story of the Lonely Dresden Plate Quilt

Once upon a time there was a Dresden Plate Quilt Top. It was very beautiful and went to the longarm quilter to be quilted, but soon the LQ moved out of her
business and went home.
The Beautiful Dresden Plate Quilt Top, (BDPQT) went too, still waiting to be quilted.
Promises were made to the quilt's mother, but the BDPQT stayed unquilted and lonely.

Finally,  3 1/2 years later, the BDPQT went home but Mother was unhappy because this is what BDPQT looked like quilted!!

Just stitched in the ditch and no quilting in the border.
Good thing Mother did not have to pay for this!

This morning I started quilting on the lonely Dresden Plate quilt and I do believe, Mother will live happily ever after!

Happy quilting!

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