Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back Home

I ended up finishing two snap bags completely with bound seams.
they will be Christmas gifts so I'm on my way to getting
ye ole Chritmas list list taken care of.
I started another snapbag for myself that will have a strap and I will probably carry
it to quilt shows when I don't want to carry much of a purse.  Just enough to hold my ID, camera, etc.

That's the least I have ever produced at quilt camp.  I usually work nonstop on some
work project I'm trying to finish up and my sewing machine is running so fast and loud I miss out on
most of the fun going on around me.
This time, I spent the days doing lots more visiting and paying attention to what
the other ladies were doing and consequently had lots more fun.

Won a couple of great door prizes:  a pair of Christmas pillow cases and a screen bag.  Great
prizes, I love them!!

Happy quilting!

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