Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Snap Bags

I've made some more snap bags for gifts and one for a myself.  The one on the left has a strap and I plan to carry that one to quilt shows when all I need is my ID, camera and and credit card!  If you click on the picture you might be able to  see that it says "Quilting Queen".  My DH said, "and that you are, honey".  Wasn't that sweet?

When I put my prairie point on at quilt camp, one of the campers said, Oh, you put that on backwards, because I put it on with the split side showing.  I have always figured that either side was the right side considering what you liked the best for the project.  Like so almost every other thing with quilting there is no right or wrong way to do any one thing.  I happen to like the texture the little split gives the prairie point on the snap bag. 

I'm teaching at Quilters Corner in Midwest City this Saturday.  It was supposed to be Intro to Free motion Expanded, but that class didn't make, so I have a couple of students for Intro to Free Motion Quilting.  Let me know, I can send you a supply list and you can pay at the store, ($25), 10 - 2;30,  get there early so I can help set up your machine for free motion.  Bring your extension table if you have one, if not bring a really thick book that is about the height of your sewing machine bed, when laid nexto it. That will work in a pinch.

Happy Quilting

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