Monday, October 4, 2010

Ready for another one

Finished this one yesterday and I'm ready for the next one.  I think the pic shows the quilting pretty well.  Remember to click on it to see it better, then use you back button to get back to blog.

I haven't talked about the books I'm reading for a while.  I've listened to all the Clan of the Cave Bear books by Jean Auel ( they were recently added to the eMedia portion of the Metropolitan Library System.
I highly recommend participating in downloading books directly to your computer to put on your Ipod, mp3 player, ipad, kindel, etc FOR FREE.  This can keep you reading while you quilt.

I also found a new to me mystery series that is set in a New England town book store called Haven't Got a clue.  I've read Murder is Binding and Bookmarked for Death by Barnett.  Right now I'm listening to The Help which has been on the best seller list for several weeks.  Set in the early sixties, Jackson Mississippi. Told through the voices of the black maids of the rich Southern families.  Very well written!!

Happy quilting

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