Friday, October 22, 2010

Many bags later

Many bags later I have a few to show for my time.  You may recognize some of those as Humbug bags, but actually in a parallel universe, I also created this little bag and called it a "grab".  After I had made many, many of them, (no pattern, of course,)  I see the pattern for the Humbug bag and go,  "Hmmmmmmmmmmbug"  Oh well.  I actually have 13of these little cuties made so far, they all didn't make it to the couch for the picture.  Just think of all the little bags you can make with your doodle cloths.  A lot of the students I have taught to quilt don't make doodle cloths, don't check there tension before starting on their quilt, don't practice their designs before starting their quilt and then they spend precious time taking out quilting on their quilt.  Trust me, this takes lots of time!!!  When you make a doodle cloth, you work out all the kinks and start the quilt ready to go. And have a  piece of quilted fabric when it's time to make a cute little gift.  Now the quilting on these little bags is not the best, but they are little and the quilting doesn't show up that much.  Try it.

Happy quilting

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