Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Quilt Done

Finished another one.
I think this one is sew cute!
I love the fabric and how some of the pieces have a tone on tone
background that has a sheen.
You will have to click on the photos to see this it is really great.
(Sorry I don't know the fabric line, but I'll try to find out.)

The next pic shows the quilting in one block.
Notice how the leaves point in at the corners and out in the center of the block.  This makes for a secondary design in the quilting as the blocks are quilted side by side. 
go back to the first pic and click on it to see the quilting up close and follow how the quilting moves in and out kind of making hour glass movements.

This next picture shows the border where I came back to the back and forth pointing of the leaves to tie it together.
(Not a great photo but you can see the quilting)

Happy quilting.

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