Friday, February 4, 2011

Monster Storm quilt

Is this the perfect quit to be quilting this week or what?  Usually quilting makes me warm, but I'm still kind of chilly with this one.  Not that it is not a warm a snugly quilt, it's just that it looks the same inside as it does outside and guess what?  It's snowing again! 

I know most of the country has had storm after storm after storm, but this is my first storm after storm and I don't like it.
Haven't been out since Sunday and I've found out I'm not very good at stocking up.
We could use some provisions.
If I could get out of my parking lot, I'd probably be okay, but we had
a water line break and there is a lot of ice in the parking lot behind where I park and people have had lots of trouble this morning.
And of course, I'm a chicken.  (Ooooh chicken sounds good, wish I had some.)

Happy quilting.

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