Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mary Ann's Big Adventure

Here's the quilt all finished.
Please click on the picture so you can see the quilting up close.
I also used a different camera, so I think I got a better picture, let me know what you think about picture quality.

And this is the  back.
As usual, you can see how the quilting forms and overall
pleasing design on the back.

Now for my big adventure.
On Friday I was scheduled for a Sleep Study for next month.
I have been sleeping with one of those machines and masks
for sleep apnea for years and they wanted to reevaluate me.
(My husband has a mask and machine too, so we are doubly cute when we go to bed!  We need to get one for Doggie too.)
I got scheduled for next month.
Anyway, yesterday at 2:30, the sleep lab called and asked me to come in
last night at 8:30.
(As I write this it seems less and less like a big adventure.)
I guess the adventure part was going out on Saturday night! lol
I'm pretty much a home body now a days, and when  do go out in the dark, it's either to the pharmacy across the street, or somebody else drives.
This time I drove myself about 17 miles to downtown Oklahoma City, only to find out when I got on the interstate, where all the streetlights were out, that I do not see well in the dark any more. 
At one point there is a very curvy interchange part that was very dark, but the road straight ahead of me that was illuminated looked like I should follow it. 
I nearly did follow that road which actually was across the river from where I was and there was no bridge for me to be on because my road curved!
Thank goodness, I saw my road in time to follow it instead instead of the "pie in the sky across the river road", or you'd be reading about me instead of reading this!
Needless to say,
my heart went pitty pat and when I finally pried my fingers off the steering wheel, I vowed not to drive at night any more.
Had just a little trouble going to sleep with all that adrenalin pumping but Here I am and all is well.

Happy quilting!

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