Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The view from my window!
The ice you see?  some of it is on the inside of the window!

It is snowing so hard that you can really hardly see.
The flakes are very small but very close together and blowing sideways.

All in all a great day for staying inside and quilting.

I decided earlier to walk next door to  the McDonald's for breakfast and when I got there they weren't even open!!
The drifts were up to my knees and thighs in places and I was getting very short of breath! 
Probably not the smartest thing I ever decided to do, but hey, sometimes you just have to experience life.
I was within 10 feet of my breezeway and I fell.
Not hard, just lost my footing on the uneven snow and went down. The problem was getting up.
With the uneven ground I just couldn't get up.
So I had to roll around a bit 'til I could get enough of a flat place to get up.
I'm sure it was a good laugh for someone sitting in their window watching.
Guess what?
I'm in to stay!

Happy quilting

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  1. MaryAnn~you crack me up picturing you rolling around trying to find a way to get up~and they call these the "golden years" lol! Be careful!!!!
    ♥ Eileen


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