Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mug Rug

 Here's what I did today:
For those of you that don't recognize this,
it is a Mug Rug.
A quilted piece about 6" x 8" that is designed to hold your
coffee/tea/beverage and a treat.
This particular one I made to enter a contest at Sew I Quilt.
I think today was the dead line and I think I sent the picture to the right place but I could be wrong on all counts.
I could be in the running for the worst one since my sides are all crooked and the binding is baggy, but mostly I just wanted to try my hand at one of these and finish one.
If you click here 
you can see all the entries and maybe you can see my sorry little rug there too, baggy binding and all.

Happy quilting!

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