Monday, January 17, 2011


I Really like this little pincushion.  It's sew cute
and sew much bang for your buck for just 2 squares.
Hmmmm, how is it done?
Sew simple yet, sew how did she do it?
Oh, I did not make it up.
A clever friend showed me how.
But it's still neat.

Have you noticed I've been gone a couple of days?
In a tizzy?
Afraid to show my face?

Once again I have have incredibly bad tension problems on the back of the quilt that are operator error.  
I've adjusted the tension.
It is beautiful.
I change the bobbin and Bingo
It is not settled in quite right and and hour of quilting feathers turns into 2 days of unquilting.
I know what it feels like when it is right, but I get careless,
I'm "in the groove" and BOOM  --- I'm unquilting.
Yesterday I Unquilted my butt bigger!

While my butt grew, I tried to enjoy myself.
I finished listening to
"Knitting Bones" by Monica Ferris
and started
"The Last Boy" by Jane Leavy
(autobio and bio of Mickey Mantel)
I don't usually listen to nonfiction, but this is really good!

Happy quilting

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  1. Your settings are as a no reply blogger. As I couldn't email you, I thought I'd leave this comment. If you need help changing your settings, I have some insights on the page of my blog labeled "giveaways" (see middle of the page).



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