Wednesday, January 26, 2011

quilting chenille

Haven't posted for a few days.
Had my infusion Sat and Sun,
rested Monday,
then spent yesterday in the ER with
huge headache and fever.
I'm okay now.
headache nearly gone and I don't have any flu or anything.

A few minutes ago I got a wild hare about a quilt that is waiting to be quilted and decided to start.
You see it is backed with chenille, the old fashioned kind, and there is also chenille on the front interspersed with regular cotton and minkee.
My headache may come back.
It is just 5 inch squares and a chenille border.
Oddly it quilts semi okay but when I'm going through the chenille on the top my hopping foot looks like Peter Rabbit hopping through high grass.
Just what I like --
a challenge.

It's really heavy, almost more like a rug than a quilt.

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