Monday, January 10, 2011

Jar quilt

Jar quilt

I'm feeling better.  Went to the doctor on Friday and started meds and the glass in my throat is gone.
I managed to get this jar quilt done in the mean time.  It has a strange little history.
The Limes

The Beets

Two years ago, my friends bought this beautiful fruit and veggie fabric and I suggested a jar quilt.  We could make the quilt, see and send it to the Raquel Ray show along with information about our quilt guild and how we had made over a 1000 charity quilts in the first 4 years we were in service, bla bla bla.  She would hang the quilt on her set, they would come and film our little guild (about 100 members at the time) she would connect us up with Moda or some other wonder fabric company to provide all our fabric for our charity quilt endeavors and it would become a Raquel Ray Charity called 'Huggo' or something Raquel-y  Did I tell you I think big?
The Corn On The Cob
Well In about 2weeks time this jar quilt appeared at my front door ready for quilting.
At the time I had 10's of thousands of quilts to quilt so it sat and sat and sat and sat and sat............
Finally this weekend I quilted it.
Destination different.
This quilt will be going to Judy Howard for her traveling quilt show to raise money for food pantries and the hungry'
A much better destination don't you think? . 

Yesterday  managed to get 2 more quilts basted so I'm back at it.

Happy quilting

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