Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cosmetic bag

Here's the little Cosmetic Bag I made yesterday at the Laughing Quilters.  The directions were a bit unclear and had no pictures so I had to call the lady that wrote the pattern and she clarified some things and it became smooth sailing. I used warm and natural batting in the bag and that turned out to be a little too thick, so next time I'll try some low loft poly and see if that works better.  I'm really glad to learn how to do these multiple pockets on the side.

This second picture  shows the inside of the bag which is a really cute coordinating print.  I wanted the quilting to show up on the outside and the print to look flashy when you opened it up.  I might try to do a tutorial on this bag if anybody is interested.  Leave me a comment and I'll try my hand at that.
I've been doing some cooking prep this morning.
Found a new recipe for a slow cooker spaghetti sauce the uses a cubed up (1 ") steak that you dip out and shred after cooking.  I used a stew meat that looked real lean.  It also called for carrots and celery that you run through the food processor.  I'll let you know how this turns out.

I also have beef jerky in the oven for Dusty.
(Yes Dusty is my darling little doggie with the beautiful blue eyes.)
A couple of years ago when dogs were dropping dead because of the "made in China" products with some kind of plastic in them, I looked at the chicken jerky we were giving Dusty that we bought from Sam's.
"Made in China"
It also contained about a million additives so I chucked it and started making him beef jerky out of rump roast.  You might think that that sound incredibly extravagant for a dog.  But it cost about $12.00 for the chicken jerky that lasted about 3 weeks that had looks of salt and who knows what in it.  And the beef jerky costs about $14.00,  lasts about 4 - 6 weeks has absolutely nothing but the beef and all I have to do is say,  "Mr Butcher, could you kindly slice this thinly for jerky please?"
And I don't even have to bat my eyes!
Then I lay it out on the broiler pan sprayed with pam and turn the oven to just under 200 degrees F and cook it for a few hours until it is dried out but not too brittle, still chewy.
I store it in Ziploc and keep it in the fridge and my Dusty loves me very much.
(Trust me those blue eyes can make you do lots of things!)

Happy quilting

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