Monday, January 3, 2011


 Here I am.  Another day and I'm doing a small project instead of one of the quilts waiting for me up on my shelves.  A friend showed me how to do this cute, cute pincushion the other day and I had to try just one.  You can't really tell. but it has a ziggy zaggy circumference.  Easy to make. Hard to explain without pictures.  I love the little teapot ceramic button I put on the top.  I bought those years ago at a sale for pennies.  I have many and have never known what to do with them.  hmmmmm?
I used some nickle squares to make this that our guild exchanged a while ago. So I have plenty of supplies for more of this project!!  Filled it with crushed walnut shells (or reptile bedding if you buy it at Pet Smart for next to nothing.)  In the second picture you can see the ziggy zaggy circumference a little bit more clearly.

Happy quilting.  I better bet back to it soon!

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  1. Hello..I have no email for you as you are on noreply blogger but here are some dates for you to be a guest at STash....let me know if one wrote "What a great New Year you have in store for us! Not to mention the giveaway today, which I would love, love, love to win!! If I were to be a guest blogger I would do a trunk show of quilting. I'm self taught with a rather "seat of your pants method"

    sew here you go... March 4th or March 9th...
    let me know madame samm


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