Monday, May 16, 2011

Finished another one

This is my first post since the big Blogger debacle last week.  I lost some stuff so  guess I'm a little gun shy. 
Here is Linda's quilt for her soon to be here grand daughter, Annalee.

I love doing these quilts that call out for flowers.
Flowers are my thing, you know.
Here is a close up of the border area and I think you can see the actual flowers better in this pic than the whole quilt.
(click on pic to enlarge)

And of course here is the back which you can see better if you click.
You can see how the design interacts and makes secondary designs and creates movement.

Got to teach an Intro to Free motion Quilting this weekend which is always fun.

Quilt, that's the only way to get better.

Happy quilting!

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