Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I did it again

Why do I keep doin' things I say I'm not going to do again and again?

I always like to baste the quilts I quilt myself.
The one I'm working on, however, was brought to me already started.
The middle 2 blocks were quilted, she had pin basted with pins way too far apart, and had used 2 layers of high loft polyester batting.
A quilting disaster waiting to happen.
I knew that.

When I unfolded the quilt and saw the teeny tiny stitches that needed to be removed, I thought, "Hmmmm,  I could start on the other side and take those out later.."
So I did.

And instead of sitting down right then and spending 2 or 3 hours and taking out the stitches and then basting the quilt correctly I couldn't resist starting to put the new design I dreamed up with the most beautiful color of  star thread called blue clouds.
(I can't resist something new.)

So I spent the next few days wrestling this quilt to keep the pleats out of the back instead of taking an 
afternoon to properly prepare the quilt for quilting.

I did manage to  get it quilted without pleats, and I also did get the teeny tiny stitches taken out--I think I need to increase my Rx on my reading glasses-- and I just have two more turns around the outside of the quilt and it is finished.

Earlier I said that I thought it might have been the largest quilt I'd ever done, but I think it's just the thickest and poorly basted.

Will post photo later today or tomorrow of the  finished quilt.

Have to take DH to Dr this afternoon and then have Guild tonight.

Happy Quilting!

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