Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Remarkable quilt

I finally finished the quilt I've been wrestling with quilting for the last week.
When I hung it up on the pool fence in the courtyard and looked through the view finder I saw a remarkable quilt!

Bonnie did a superb job of picking fabric for this quilt 
and  there is such a variety!  
 She was going for manly as this is for her bedroom and didn't want a frilly quilt.
I think she hit the mark.

Okay, flowers may not be so manly, but Bonnie sleeps in the bed too and my take on men is that they seldom see the background things especially things like stitching.  
So, some flowers for you my friend.
Notice how the quilting design makes a secondary design as it meets in the corners.
Be sure to click on the pics to see the enlargements.

Here is a closeup of the border with the small drunkards path blocks.  
You can see that I continued the same quilting design onto the small blocks that I did on the big ones.

The light border has the loopy "face one way, face the other way" circles and the final border the tall loops facing all the same way.

Another reason this is a remarkable quilt?
See yesterday's post.
The safety pins were placed about one per block.
That's one per Circle block!
For those of you that don't know how close pins should be placed, it is about every 4 inches in every direction.
That means this quilt was basically not basted.
What in the 'H  E double toothpicks' was I thinking?
(I am whipping myself with a wet needle as I type!)

All of you budding quilters out there please do not try this at home!
This should only be done by trained professionals and then and only then by stunt doubles.
And never while texting!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. That is truly one awesome quilt, but I really liked the whole cloth one from last night, did you get pics. of it.
    Sure was nice seein' ya last night. Oh, I got my Daiwabo for my bedspread and it's totally awesome.
    Again this quilt is just beautiful and you did a marvelous job. But then you don't know how to do any other kind!
    Mari Lyn

  2. Manly yes at first glance, but delicate as only a woman could see on closer look!! Beautiful quilt and quilting!!

  3. I think your quilt looks fabulous! Great color combinations! Drunkard's Path is one of my favorite patterns.



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