Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two more

Here's the completed Halloween quilt

And here you can see a couple of the blocks from the back.

She put a black strip down the center and they showed up really well on the black.
Orange thread on the orange, not so well.

The other quilt is this cute little cowboy quilt with brown cuddly minky squares.
This was a bit challenging because she brought an unknown polyester batting product that she had on hand. But didn't think it would be fluffy enough, so she thought it should be doubled.
So I basted it with 2 layers of batting.
It was not a pretty picture.
Skipped stitches no matter what kind of needle I used and it was like instantly dulled the needles.
AND the places I quilted were stiff not fluffy. 
So I re-basted and tried again.
My sewing machine was still no so happy, but I got it adjusted and quilted lots of wavy lines in the center

And you can see the border work I did here.
Tried to make it look cow boyish with more wavy lines and stitches that you might see on boots.

Happy Quilting!

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