Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Still getting things finished up for the big day. 
I've got everything finished and sent to family and friends far away and packages have been received.
Still have to finish 2 OU place mats for my brother but will mail them in time for the game next weekend.

Trying to get my husband presents finished up today.  This particular shirt was supposed to be for my nephew, but after I bought this beautiful Russell Athletic ware blank long sleeve T from Sam's months ago, size 2x 'cause he like them loose.  An after I embroidered my very first designed on my software from start to finish embroidery.  I realized that a 2x would absolutely swallow this young man!!  I live in a much bigger x world.  Having purchase the Tee months ago, I knew I couldn't possibly find another so, my husband has an unexpected present and I went Walmart and looked for a Sweatshirt.  Found a beautiful heavy fruit of the loom zippered hoody on a XL hanger for $10 and zing, zang , zoom I was done.  The next day as I was trying to read the content on the label, I realized I was not done.  Couldn't find the contents, but it said 3X.  I tried it on, fit nice and baggy like I like it and boom, I have a new present and my nephew still zilch.  Back to walmart and found the same zippered sweatshirt and carefully checked all size markings and came home with extra large.  Embroidered "OU Sooner Magic"  On the left side and it is now sitting under his Christmas tree in Radford, Virginia.  Whew.  I practiced that design on my shirt under the hood to make sure it was okay.  Soon I will put it on the front.

Still have a scrub shirt to make for Ron.  That usually takes a couple of hours.  
In the meantime, Dusty is going Christmas crazy.  
We have bought about seven or eight new toys for him and of course he knows they are here.
I put them in my closet because as long as they were sitting on the table he kept standing on his hind legs trying to get up there.  Or walking around crying.  The stocking are hung ad he checks them every 1n minutes.
Our Tree is small and high on a shelf and there are some presents up there that came in from a friend in New Mexico last week.
He will sniff the lowest shelf and blow into it and then sniff trying to get olfactory messages from above.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

Happy quilting 

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