Monday, December 27, 2010

Opening presents

First comes the stocking.
The stockings have been hung for a couple of weeks and just got the toys in them a few minutes ago.  He was soooo very good the last few minutes while we were getting ready,  in that he didn't grab the stockings and pull them down.  He has carefully checked them about every ten minutes for the last 2 weeks.  A few weeks ago I started putting dimes in Ron's stocking.  He saves dimes and at Christmas I save them up a give him big bunch in is stocking.
Dusty was  Johnny on the spot to let us know there was something in Dad's stocking in case anybody was worried about it, 

I put some treats in the stocking and of course they fell to the bottom.  That's why he kept going for the toe instead of just getting the toys out of the top.

Santa Clause is a big hit!

"There's got to be more in there!"

Friendly greeting

"Please dad, I really, really, really, need another present!!!"

Well, Dusty got lots of toys and we had lots of fun watching him opening them and then playing with them.   He is a remarkable little dog a truly what our world revolves around.

We had a great meal and of course Dusty had a plate.  (Chrystal)
Hope your Christmas was as happy as ours

Happy quilting

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  1. HI! Just surfed on your blog and I love your quilting and I just have to come back and see more. :)


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