Friday, December 31, 2010

Ta dah!!

Finished the circles!
In this first picture, you can see some of the body of the quilt
and all of the colors.
the quilting shows up well too.
It ended up looking like hot air balloons.
That's one of the things I like most about quilting.
The secret designs that come out by happenstance.
I planned circles in circles.
What happened ended up to be
ovals in circles and then they looked like
hot air balloons.
Who knew?

 This next picture shows the border.
You can see that I repeated the ovals in the wide rectangle and the double wavy line in the skinny one.

And at last, the back.
Usually what everybody is anxious to see.
Most of my customers put solid backs on there quilts so they can see the quilting.
I used Star "gum balls" variegated thread on the front and a star golden yellow on the back.
IIIt has been nearly half a year that I have been blogging and I have to admit that I really enjoy this.
I appreciate everybody that comes and reads these posts, whoever you are. 
I hope you all have good health and many happy quilting experiences in the coming years.

Happy quilting

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