Monday, December 20, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

Here's # 3 all done.  I quilted this one according to the fabric.  The brown and the green fabric I did free hand flowers and big meandering respectively, otherwise, I tried to outline the fabric in an artistic manor.  (in other words, I didn't outline every single thing, just hit the high spots.  You
can see in the second pic.
The big circles were done on the pink, small circles on the polka dots, etc.

I basted # 4 yesterday and started quilting this morning.  Ran into a problem.  The backing is not long enough.  It is 2 color--brown in the middle and green on each end.  I trimmed off one edge and unsewed the brown part and sewed the green parts back together. and am still about 25" by 4' short which I can probably trim off another side, but this time I'll probably have to splice the 4' part to get it.  I'm already quilting it and will call her after awhile and ask what she wants to do,  Maybe she has a piece of green!!  That would be wonderful.  I started this adventure at 4:30 am and thought that might be a little early even for a mother with 4 kids a few days before Christmas needing to bind 4 quilts.

I'll be glad when this project is finished so I can go on to celebratory Christmas things instead of worrying about, "Am I going to make it?"
I'll be done soon and the happy dance can begin!

Happy Quilting

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