Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another quilt

I finished another Christmas wreath today like I did the other day and started this one.  I'm doing feau feathers conforming to the shape of the squares on point going up and down the quilt.  One row goes up and one row goes down.  The feau feathers go real fast and don't use near the amount of thread or take as long as formal feathers that have a spine.  Remember the red and white double Irish chain I did recently.  It was queen size and had feather wreaths and orange peels in between.  I used nearly 2400 yards of thread and 29 bobbins.  That's a lot of thread! 

I'm teaching Intro to Free Motion Quilting on Saturday and only have one student so far.  Feel free to come and have some fun.   Call Quilters Corner, at 405 455 5005 for supply list.  The more the merrier.  I'm also teach on Monday and have room in that class too.

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