Monday, November 15, 2010

Ducky is gone

Well, Ducky just left our pool to go live on a pond in the country. 
Some young men who were servicing the Chimneys here in the complex last Friday tried to catch him then, and he few off. 
They came back today to see if they could get him again and after a chase around the pool,  (One of the young men stripped down too his boxers ready to jump in the pool with him!  Brrrr it's 46 degrees outside!), another chase around the courtyard and out to the parking lot, there was a squawk from Ducky and some whoops from the boys. 
They walked back in to view. 
Ducky was calmly riding in the arms of his abductor like he belonged there, calm and collected.  
Before we put him in the dog crate for transport, I petted him and thanked him for coming here and being Dusty's friend for the weekend. 
 Lisa took our picture and then they were gone.  


  1. Well, I hope it is a nice safe pond, away from the traffic and the chlorine! jlw

  2. It should be safe. The guys were real concerned about the chlorine, and they live on a farm. so he should be happy


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