Monday, November 22, 2010


 You are probably wondering what this raggedy car has to do with quilting.  The answer is, nothing.  But if you know me very well, you know that I can have some pretty weird dreams with a capital W.  Last night's dream was a doozie!!.  This particular car is actually near and dear to my heart because it is the car of my childhood.  An early 1950's  (1 or 2) Chevy Deluxe and was the star of my dream.

The setting was Tulsa and I was with my brother.  We were wearing white lab coats?  Who knows why things are happening in dreams.  We were in a neighborhood that we, along with my sister, had toured during our last visit 2 years ago.  (But my sister was absent in my dream.  She must have had the good sense to stay home.  Or maybe she didn't have a white coat.)  Anyway my brother and I were walking around this neighborhood, with our clipboards trying to solve a murder.  A murder? Me a quilter and my brother the preacher?  Okay, it's a dream, remember?  Well, every where we looked in this area, on the street, in the driveways, between the houses, in the backyards, the parks, the school

Yards were cars like these.  Piles of them.  Stacks and stacks of them.  All green.  All identical to the one we had when we were kids. Some were shiny and new some were old and beat up, Some were in pieces.  Some blocks just had bumpers all piled up, and some just had tires and rear quarter panels.  But there were thousands and thousands and thousands of them.   Like I said I have some really crazy dreams.  We never found the murderer, or the dead body and somehow we kept thinking we'd see our old car.  (Ya  think?)

Happy quilting

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