Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lazy day

Taught my Intro to Free Motion Class yesterday and at the very end when I was doing a demo on some designs,
 my free motion foot broke.
It was kind of startling, because it all of a sudden popped up and wouldn't stay down.
Well, it was Saturday afternoon about 2:45 and I had no way to quilt.  I was looking at all day Sunday
with no quilting and then Intro to Free Motion Quilting Class first rattle out of the box
on Monday morning so, i had to get a foot for my Juki.  
I called the Stitchin' Post and they were open til 5pm so I was saved.  Managed to get up there to get and then back home in time to fix dinner in time to watch the SOONERS beat Bayler.
That was a way way way too long a day for me !!!
So, I spent most of the day snoozin' today!
Will be back at it tomorrow with my brand new quilting foot.  He was able to fix the one that broke too, so now I have a spare!!

Happy quilting

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  1. I'm glad he could fix it! I am also really glad I got to take your class. You're an excellent instructor and even my fiance noticed the improvement in my sampler!



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