Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Check this out

How would you like to have this view while you wash dishes?  I think it's pretty cool.
  I have a friend who's daughter is an artist.  Another friend said "Hey, can you paint quilt blocks on my new fence so I can see them when I wash dishes?"  this is the result.  You have to click on the picture and look at all the detail.  She put in fabric detail and on the bow tie, there is a beautiful  design.  Well this has led to budding business for Jennifer, the artist. 
 If you would like to have quilt blocks to hang on your fence or shed or front door, etc, leave me a comment and I will put you in contact with the artist.

I have almost completed another Christmas present.  This one is for my sister.  She saw it when she was here is September, it was hanging over my sewing table.  She said, "You know irises are my favorite, it would go great in my dining room"   I had to reply "Yes, Gina, I made for you, it's your Christmas present!  I've just been enjoying it while it's still here."  I really do love this fabric!  I will be whipping down the binding today at sew ' go.  I will also baste a couple of quilts so I can keep on quilting.
Happy quilting

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