Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dusty's Duck

We still have a visitor in the pool, and today I discovered exactly who he is.  According to what I have found out on ,  he is a male Muscovy Duck.  I almost decided to change my mind from a duck to goose and even found a blogger with a similar picture who called it a "swoose"! unholy union of a duck a goose and a swan."  You can see Dusty's duck in the above "Duck Tape" moving about in the rain the other morning.  The funny part about the duck is that Dusty is totally fascinated with him!  Every time we go out, Dusty forgets everything he is supposed to do while outside and just goes and sits down at the fence and watches 'ducky', (that's what he calls him).  He especially likes it when he swims around the pool.  It reminds me of when you sit in front of an aquarium and watch the fish.  He just sits there and watches and watches. 
A little while ago I tried to get a little movie and the sun was so bright I couldn't tell if I was recording or not, (you know how that is with technology screens and the sun?), so I just pointed and pushed the button.
  Dusty has lulled Ducky into a false sense of security, sitting there so quietly, watching and watching.  Ducky gets out of the water and starts walking towards Dusty.  Still about 8 feet away with a 5 foot rot iron fence in between them so he is perfectly safe.
  I'm behind the camera hoping I'm filming, not seeing anything on the screen but my own reflection looking back at me, (I'm such a hick!)
  All of a sudden, Dusty barks one time.
  Ducky squawks, unfurls his beautiful wings and lands back in the pool.
  I stop filming, which I don't need to do, since I never was  filming to begin with.
  Would have been a great Duck Tape.
  Oh well.

Go Sooners!

Happy quilting!

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