Friday, July 23, 2010

I bought a new book yesterday--"Adaptable Quilting Designs" by Sue Patten.  It's always fun to get a new quilting book.  looking at the designs and ideas another quilter has come up with.  Seeing the Precision they can stitch the designs, how they decide to place them in the different shapes of the quilt.  How they break away from the regimented symmetry that we all are so attracted to and feel soooo afraid venture away from.  I often have trouble breaking away from rigid symmetry and find that when I relax I create surprises that are often more pleasing and more artistic than I ever thought I was capable of!   When I was creating the sample for my Fun with Feathers class I intended to make feather swags that were symmetrical on either side of the sample and show a neat trick on getting the symmetry.  After I did the first side, I realized that I over shot the center so it ended asymmetrical and really looked cool so I just left it that way.

Oh, I digress.  I did get to try out a new design from the book yesterday and am looking forward to getting back to it today.

Happy quilting

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