Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Flowers

Just noticed how pretty my little pink flowers are this morning.  I think they are dwarf zinnias, but I'm not sure.  Last year they dug up the plants in front of the pool before they were done, (I thought) so I replanted them under my living room window.  They immediately died, but I let them stay there until I was sure they went to seed and this summer I have little pink flowers.  I think I'll try taking a picture when the sun is not so bright on them.

I started a new quilt this morning that is a half log cabin I think and I'm putting   a flower and butterfly meander on it.  Swimming later.  Before you get all excited about me being a wonderful swimmer,  I'm not.  I just tread water.  I get panicked when I try to swim and flail around.  I have my own built in floaties so it really doesn't take much effort to stay afloat but I do actually get a little bit of exercise.

Happy quilting

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