Thursday, July 29, 2010

Minkee quilt

Minkee is soooo soft you just want to lay your arms on it while your quilting for a very sensual experience while you're  quilting.  You might as well have as much fun quilting as you possibly can.  I mean I'm already doing the thing in the world the I absolutely love doing, so make it better by basking in the softness of minkee!  How do they make if so soft?  It's probably made out of old tires or something. ha.  If you want to see this quilt when it is done, it will be hanging at Quilters Corner in Midwest City in Holiday Square Shopping Center.
I'll baste a couple more quilts today and then go swimming.  I'm almost finished listening to "Sizzling Sixteen"  by Janet Evanovich.  Hilarious stuff.

Happy quilting.

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  1. I think awesome would be a better word than crazy - just my humble opinion...


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