Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ta dah!!

Good Morning!! Just finished putting up shelves to hold all the quiltsd I do for customers. I'm not a great photographer, but you can see 14 of the 18 quilts I have to do right now on 4 of the 5 shelves I put up. Whew!
I also vacuumed and am getting ready to go get in the pool when it opens at 10. Better get my suit on. No quilting for me this morning.
Back from the pool. I'm cooled off and refreshed. We had a hell of a rain yesterday evening. The water was running through our breezeway, but didn't come in the door. The maintainance guy put some sand bags down today 'cause it's expected to rain again this eveing like last night and everything is totally saturated so maybe that will keep us dry.

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