Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's the Day

Today's the day of the Norman quilt show.  I can't remember how many quilts I quilted for this event but I worked non-stop for about 2 months to get them finished in time.  I'll be taking pictures of them hanging and posting them here so you can see them at their best.

I'm STILL working on the bargello but I'm closer to being done.  One more run of feathers around the other side and I'm done.  Unfortunately, I have the show today, and Intro to Machine Quilting on Sat and Monday so not a lot of time.  Hopefully I'll  be able to squeeze it in before I go each day.

I started a new medicine yesterday for my ocular migraines.  They've been getting increasingly worse and more frequent and I'm getting headaches with them now.  The med is Topamax and I took the first dose last night.  The good news is one of the side effects is weight loss--the bad news is after I took it last night I had the dry heaves.  Oh well, if it keeps me from having so many dizzy spells I'll be happy (except when I'm trying to throw up).

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