Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cat Quilt # 2

I only have 2 more blocks to do and the the border of the 2nd cat quilt.  this one has some 3D features like the prairie points in this pictures.  Once again a\I'll get the whole thing photographed before I deliver it.

Day 1 of treatment done and will  start Day 2 any minute.  Very tired last night and kept falling asleep listening to the OU game on the radio.  I was also watching the OSU game on TV with no sound so I was getting confused trying to make the game on TV make sense with what I was hearing.  Oh well, both teams won without me screaming and jumping around.  I like it better when they play at different times and they're both on TV.  (But I like OU best--G Sooners!)

I feel like it's Christmas eve!! My sister comes tomorrow!.. Not that she brings me presents.  She IS the present!  Don't get to see her but about once a year if that often, so it's always very special!!

Happy quilting

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